Friday, November 22, 2013

CC Cycle 2: Geography Review Printables (Weeks 4, 6, & 7), with Mnemonics

It's about time to review these first 12 weeks of Cycle 2. My children and I sat down today to study Geography.

Week 4 covers major European rivers. This is how we learned them. 

1) Starting on the west. Seine, Rhine, Elbe. SRE. Sam runs everywhere.
2) Po. This adds more information to our story about Italy. Adrian (sounds like Adriatic Sea) likes Italian food. He checks his P.O. Box (Po River) everyday and hands out with Aponine (as in the Peninsula). Yeah, it's random. It works, though.
3) Danube. Mucho singingo. The Danube dances (to the waltz) allllll the way across Europe. 
4. The VolGA (say it like that. VolGAH!) is in RussIA (RuSHA!)

Then we discussed the various Peninsulas (week 7):

1) Iberian peninsula. Bear with me. Portgal looks like a can of beer (root beer, right? or butterbeer?).
2) Balkan peninsula. The Balkan peninsula is Bulky and at the Bottom of Europe.
3) Scandinavian peninsula. The Scandinavian peninsula is where Sweden is.
4) Apennine peninsula. Remember Adrian? Who goes to his PO Box? He hangs out with Apennine a lot.

Week 6 lists European mountain systems:

1) Pyrenees. See the jagged piece of land that sticks out of France? See the bend at the corner of Spain? It's a pair of knees (Pyranees) of France and Spain.
2) Carpathian mountains. The Carpathian mountains Curve to look like a C.
3) Alps. No mnemonic here, just loud 'Sound of Music' singing in operatic voices.
4) Caucasus. See the Black Sea? And the Caspian Sea? That's a lot of water. You should caulk all your cases (Caucasus) up to prevent leaks.
5) Ural. The URAls divide EURope.


  1. VERY excited to see this post as we do CC and THRIVE on mnemonics! Keep posting and I will add the ones we find so we can help each other!

  2. For learning the planets we did:
    My - Mercury
    Very - Venus
    Educated - Earth
    Mother - Mars
    Just - Jupiter
    Served - Saturn
    Us - Uranus
    Noodles - Neptune