Friday, December 27, 2013

Life Hack: Marker Box

Where has this been all my life?

I used to LOVE it when my kids did markers, and by LOVE I mean I'd rather listen to What Does the Fox Say? for the three millionth time... *twitch*

They would lose the marker tops.

Or the markers.

Or miss the paper and draw on the table

('Mommy, I didn't notice!'
'You can see that your sister has 46 molecules more cake than you,
but you didn't notice drawing on the table?').

Or miss the paper and draw on themselves

('Are you ready to go daddy's office?'
'Yes, Mommy! I'm an Amazonian Warrior Princess! See my tattoos?').

Yes. Markers.

Then I saw this:


Big Box + Kid + Markers =
Contained Mess + Cool Drawing Surface + No Lost Markers


Ok, so I will still end up with an Amazonian Warrior Princess, but at least the marker tops are safe.

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