Friday, November 15, 2013

Animal Cam

The children watched Curious George tonight. George was mesmerized by Panda Cam on the computer, so I found Panda Cam for the kids. They then wanted Penguin Cam and Koala Cam and...well, you see what happened.

PANDA CAM (San Diego Zoo)

PENGUIN CAM (Sea World San Diego)

KOALA CAM (San Diego Zoo)

ELEPHANT CAM (San Diego Zoo)

APE CAM (San Diego Zoo)

CONDOR CAM (San Diego Zoo)

POLAR BEAR CAM (San Diego Zoo)

SUN BEAR CAM (Oakland Zoo)

GRIZZLY BEAR CAM (Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle, Washington)

BLACK BEAR CAM (North American Bear Center, Ely, Minnesota)

SLOTH CAM (Zoo Atlanta)

GIRAFFE CAM (Greenville Zoo)

BAT CAM (Bat Conservation International)

LLAMA CAM (Yellow Wood Llamas)

PEREGRINE FALCON CAM (Mississippi Valley Conservancy)

BALD EAGLE CAM (Mississippi Valley Conservancy)

TURTLE CAM (Science North)

PORCUPINE CAM (Science North)

TURKEY VULTURE CAM (Mississippi Valley Conservancy)

PHILIPPINE EAGLE CAM (Raptor Resource Project)

WHOOPING CRANE CAM (Operation Migration)


LIVE WEATHER CAMS (Weather Images)

AURORA BOREALIS CAM (Canadian Space Agency)

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