Sunday, December 15, 2013

Activity Information for Elementary Marine Biology Camp

Camp planning is coming along well. All of the activities have been chosen and outlined. Students will arrive each day to a coloring page. They will then participate in four activities, with time set aside for snack and educational videos relating to the subjects of the day. 

Only 6 more spots available!

Elementary Marine Biology Camp

Monday: Oceanography

1. Earth's Water Comparison-- Where is all of Earth's water?
2. Shoebox Topography-- Explore and map an unknown ocean territory
3. Ocean Waves & Tides-- Watch and experience waves and tides
4. Currents-- Watch a current develop

Tuesday: Marine Botany

1. Photosynthesis-- Visualize photosynthesis
2. Algae-- Create algae press specimens
3. Kelp-- Build a kelp forest
4. Phytoplankton-- Build and race your own phytoplankton

Wednesday: Marine Zoology (Invertebrates)

1. Microscopy-- Examine algae, diatoms, and protozoans under a microscope
2. Bilateral Symmetry-- Create bilateral symmetry
3. Adaptation-- How does an octopus flee predators?
4. Invertebrates-- Make your own sea urchin and jellyfish

Thursday: Marine Zoology (Vertebrates)

1. Osteicthyse-- Build a fish
2. Whales-- Measure a whale, learn size comparison
3. Sea Turtles-- Rescue nests, determine hatchling survival
4. Ornithology-- Seabird Mobile

Friday: Ecosystems

1. Abyss-- Glowing fish sticks
2. Salt Marshes-- How do salt marshes protect the land?
3. Coral Reefs-- Build a coral polyp

Week-long project: Work with the class to build two ocean dioramas.

Ages: 6-10
Dates: May 26-30, 2014
Time: 9am-12pm
Location: Thomasville
Price: $60 per student, pre-registration, pre-pay required

Students must bring: shoebox, 2 clean 2-liter bottles

Field Trip: June 7, 2014 (day trip)
Price: TBA, not included with class
Location: Jekyll Island

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