Tuesday, December 31, 2013

CQ...CQ...Amateur Radio Classes

CQ...CQ...CQ...This is KI4BIU.

Amateur Radio is a great hobby for children. They learn about electronics, broadcast theory, all the while meeting new people over the airwaves! They can even bounce signals off the moon, around the world, or to astronauts in space. Amateur radio operators also prepare to serve the community's communications needs in the event of a disaster.

In order to operate on amateur radio frequencies, one must have a license. There is no age limit for the license; all you have to do is pass a test.

The Thomasville Amateur Radio Club will be offering classes in February to help people learn more about
radio and prepare for their exam or upgrade.

There are several children in this club—they even have their own kids' radio meeting. I think the youngest member is 7. My eldest son passed the test when he was 12 (making three ham radio operators in the family so far).

OFFERED BY: Thomasville Amateur Radio Club
DATES: February 15 and 22
TIME: 9-4, both days
Test sessions begin at 4, both days
PRICE: Classes are FREE. Book is $15. Testing is $14. Valid IDs required.

For more information, contact Mike Brown, KE4FGF at ke4fgf@arrl.net or at 229-226-5060

Here's another help: practice tests are available online HERE, courtesy of QRZ.


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