Monday, December 16, 2013

Dry Ice: #2 Materials

This is the second segment in a series on dry ice experiments. CLICK HERE FOR SAFETY INFO.

Need dry ice? Here's the hook up:

The best place to look is your local grocery store. Hopefully, your local grocery store is a Publix because Publix is awesome. They always go above and beyond for whatever I need.

The Publix in Thomasville doesn't normally carry dry ice, but if you call ahead, sometimes they can work something out (hint: ask for Chris...he da man). The Bradfordville Publix keeps dry ice in stock at $1.49 per pound. We ordered 15 pounds (3 blocks) and had PLENTY of dry ice for 9 students, 3 teachers, and extra big outdoor fun. Everyone got as many turns as they wanted, and we didn't worry about mistakes. We followed through on every whim of experimentation. Go big or go home, right?

If I do a class again for my family or a small group with just 'normal' experiments, I will only get 5 pounds.

In addition to the dry ice, I used:

Cooler--Publix does not give you a cooler. Bring your own.
Heavy gloves
Box fan
Metal putty knife
Cookie sheet
Bubble solution
Bubble wand
Several large glasses or beakers
Cool water
Warm water
Food coloring
Large bowl
Strip of cloth (3" x 4" longer than width of the bowl)
Dish soap
Vegetable Glycerin
Several plastic containers (leftover cocoa containers, raisin canisters, yogurt tubs, etc.) with lids


Kiddie Pool or Large Bucket
Strip of cloth (4" wide x 8" longer than width of pool)

In the following segments of this series, I will go over each experiment with pictures and video.

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