Friday, December 20, 2013

Visiting Nursing Homes

Homeschoolers are often billed as having fewer opportunities in the community. No school service clubs, no band concerts, etc. But this can be overcome! Homeschoolers have many chances to serve the community, and because of time flexibility, they are often able to meet needs that their counterparts in traditional schooling are unable to serve.

One homeschooling family arranged to visit a nursing home in Thomasville. They chose to have their Winter Piano Recital at the nursing home to combine an act of service with an opportunity for public performance. What a great combination!

When visiting nursing homes, remember that the residents are hungry for attention, hugs, and the chance to see young people. Here are some suggestions:

1) Go. Don't just think about going. Go. Planned or not. Go.

2) If you are visiting a particular resident, try to speak to as many other residents as you can, too.

3) Introduce yourself. Names are easy to forget.

4) Try to leave a physical reminder of your visit. A small ornament, a card, a picture, a piece of paper scribbled on by a child.

5) Be patient. It can take a while for residents to express themselves.

Here's a snippet of what this family did:

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