Thursday, January 9, 2014

Dry Ice #10: Poppers!

This is the tenth segment in a series on dry ice experiments. CLICK HERE FOR SAFETY INFORMATION.

While the bubble volcano was the most impressive experiment we did, the poppers were the most fun. Each child got a small container; we used cocoa boxes, raisin canisters, anything that could hold liquid and had a semi-tight fitting lid.

Using sharp scissors (be careful, kids, don't run!), we cut a small (like in the lid. I then placed a small piece (1" long or less) piece of dry ice in the container and fill it with warm water. The lid was placed back on. That was cool enough because
the mist would shoot up through the hole. It looked like a steam engine (it's the Hogwarts Express!).

Then a child placed his finger over the hole. Pressure would build up and POP!! the lid would burst off enough to release the pressure. Once refitted, the entire sequence could begin again. The kids LOVED it. They each got their own, so there was no need to take turns.

Some kids even took the glycerine solution and made their own mini bubble volcanos.

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