Friday, December 27, 2013

Homeschooling at My House: Pine Tar Patch

What does homeschooling look like at our house?  It's different everyday.  At a time when most children have already hurriedly eaten their breakfast and shuffled out the door we may be cuddled on the top bunk reading our latest adventure (loving Lloyd Alexander at the moment).  Or perhaps we're watching a few videos on anything from the Mongols to an explanation (and Slow Mo Guys video) of how popcorn pops, while we leisurely eat our breakfast.  Afterwards we have our daily math, reading, writing, etc. but we enjoy our freedom to roll with our interests and learn about something from an angle that's meaningful to my son and not worrying about teaching to a test or having a bell cut our time short when we've just gotten interested.

You learn something new everyday.  My grandmother always used to say that.  My hope for my son is that he grows up to see learning as something inextricably intertwined with life, not something to be compartmentalized and hidden away.  So, that is why you'll find us 'doing school' on the kitchen counter, living room floor, bottom or top bunk, the woods out back and even on the back porch.

~Holly Daughtry

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