Thursday, January 2, 2014

Physical Education Opportunities

Health and weight-loss resolutions are always popular, but let's not forget the kids! One subject homeschoolers sometimes overlook is that of Physical Education and Health.

Here's an opportunity for them:

Nicole McLaughlin is a personal trainer with Body Weight Health and Fitness in Tallahassee. She offers PE classes designed especially for homeschoolers. These can be arranged for a single family or even an entire co-op!

The website says, 'This 12 week Physical Education Series is designed especially for homeschooling families. We will meet one day a week for 1 hour. Each session is divided into 45 minutes of physical activity (exercise) and 15 minutes of course work in exercise science and health. This course is designed to work on balance, flexibility, agility and overall fitness. Children learn how to make healthy choices and develop habits that will serve them for many years to come. Ages 5-13.'

For those of you in Thomasville, Next Level fitness is run by the Copelands, a homeschooling family. In the past, they have offered fitness camps and tennis classes. 

Thomasville Crossfit has also been very supportive of the homeschooling community. Mr. Sellers was instrumental in helping us carry out Freedom's Heroes day

And don't forget the Y! Fit Kids is another really fun opportunity. 

Opportunities abound! Let's get moving!

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